Comfort Zone – SOL 7/22/14

I am writing this SOL (a little late) about how my son reacts to summer vacation. In his own words, he has wished that school could be in session all year round. Now, he certainly loves school, but the reason for never wanting it to end is because of his extreme dislike for the lack of structure that comes with summer. While, we enroll him in camps that he really enjoys and try to structure things as much as a family with three children with only one parent at home in the summer can, he stills struggles with summer’s….. summer-ness: the lack of a time to get up and go to; a less structured atmosphere (that most children I know long for all school year long).

And then we add the summer vacation to a foreign land. In this case, the state of Texas and the city of San Antonio where I have relatives and where no one else in my family has visited.

A positive – he loves learning new things and is excited to add Texas to the list of states he has visited.

A negative – during the plane ride and family visit times he is “bored” and plays extra video games.

A plus – adults (my family) tend to love meeting someone so smart and friendly.

A down-side – when his Asperger’s acts up, do I explain it to these “new” people??

An up-side – we get to experience new things and expand his background knowledge.

A detractor – we eat at odd times and are not always in a place convenient to “resting,” which adds to his “unexpected” behaviors.

A pro – we are very active, which helps him sleep in longer (which never happens past 6:30 a.m.).

A con – his schedule being off makes him react more powerfully to things like bugs (hates them), foods (no PBJ here), and jokes (he thinks others are making fun of him).

I hope that the positives, for him, outweigh the negatives, and that with the passing of time he will look back on this trip, this summer, fondly. I hope a little more that I’m not being selfish in wanting him to live in my world, meet my family, and do the things that I want to do. I guess time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Comfort Zone – SOL 7/22/14

  1. I love the way you structured this slice with the + / – structure. It’s true there are positive and negatives to many situations and I can only imagine how these growth opportunities also cause a bit strife for him. Keep sharing!

  2. Thank you for honestly sharing your son’s reactions to lack of structure. Sadly, it is true that children with special needs for the most part like a structured environment. I can speak from experience. This line resonated with me – “wanting him to live in my world.” Don’t many mothers feel like this?

  3. Like Katie, I love the way you structured this slice. It’s hard to look at things with the glass half-full when there are negatives, but it sounds like you have the right attitude!

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