What I forgot about Asperger’s – SOL 12/30/14

This past week, I forgot….

That to many people Asperger’s looks like a disability.

They don’t see it like I do: for all of it’s positives among the quirks.

They don’t see it for who I do… my child who is perfectly made the way he is.

I forgot, that some want to cure it.

They think that if I was just a firmer parent it would be fixed.

They don’t realize that firm can sometimes be crushing.

That strict can stifle the soul.

I forgot, that many want to place blame.

“It’s not my fault that this happened.” Or, “Why did this occur?”

But, what if this is not a punishment or a deficit.

Rather, a gift and a calling – to cherish this precious life.

I will not forget that I am the best advocate for my son.

That he is not broken.

That he does not need to be fixed.

That loving him just the way he is, is the best kind of parenting around.

9 thoughts on “What I forgot about Asperger’s – SOL 12/30/14

  1. This is raw and powerful – I can feel the “Momma bear” coming through! This line really stands out for me: That strict can stifle the soul. This is so true. There are no absolutes, no one way, no specific instructions. Yes, you are your child’s greatest advocate – and he is so blessed to have you!!

  2. How sad that people try fix what they perceive as a deficit or problem in someone else. If we would all just realize that we are all perfect just the way God made us. Glad your son has a strong advocate in you. Happy New Year, Aileen.

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