Chapter 1 – The Way I See It

I am trying out a book written from the point of view of my son. Each day, I am going to share a “chapter.” They are very short, written in a poetic style.


I am a boy.

I am a Christian.

I love math.

I have two cats that I love.

They are good for keeping my feet warm and petting.

My dog is only good for slobbering.

I do not like homework, but I like school.

The end of the school year is coming up and I feel like I’m the only one who hates summer.

Not because it’s hot; not because I miss my friends.

I don’t quite feel this way.

Summer is boring because I have to come up with my own things to do.

I don’t do that well.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

It is a form of high functioning autism.

Asperger’s Syndrome is ok because it is who I am.

I have talents because of it.

Sometimes it makes things hard, but I have learned to deal with those things.

I hope that people would like me for who I am.

I am just a regular boy who loves math.

I hugged my math book when I was in second grade.

It made my friends laugh because they know how I feel about math.

There’s more to me than that.

But that’s a start.

13 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The Way I See It

  1. Aileen- Welcome to the March challenge. Your book reminds me of Cynthia Lord’s RULES, which I read and loved several years ago. You capture your son, with all of his strengths and challenges, so beautifully! Can’t wait to read more of your slices!

  2. I love it. I always love when you share about your son. Asperger’s is so hard for me to explain to people because it doesn’t mean any one thing. Do you think he thinks, I have Asperger’s but it’s highly functioning or do you think you think that? I often wonder that about the children on the spectrum in my class (I have 5). Excited to learn more from you this month.

    1. He shares with others about his Asperger’s. But we’ve been very open about it. He knows it’s not quite autism, and gives him some of his gifts. But it could be my words that he’s heard with the countless doctors.

  3. i look forward to following every day this month. I would have like to have seen your son in the moment when he hugged his math book. it sounds like it was a joyful moment!

  4. This writing will entertain but yet teach the readers. I love that he has special talents because of the Asperger’s. I am looking forward to learning more. Just a thought, what about having some chapters written from other’s in your son’s life. I’m thinking of how Wonder was written.

  5. Aileen. This is the start of something beautiful. You are giving a gift and I am thankful I’m not going to miss it. Keep writing. The world needs your words.

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