Chapter 2 – The Way I See It

My Name

Is not Jake, Jake-O, Dude, Buddy, J-man, or anything else.

It is Jacob.

I’m named after one of my mom’s uncles, who was very excited to meet me.

I like my name.

I don’t remember people’s names very well.

Actually, I have a great memory, for things that interest me.

But no, I don’t know all of the numbers that make up Pi.

Usually, I don’t remember someone’s name because I wasn’t paying attention when they said it.

It feels awkward to ask someone their name after I have already known them for a while.

I just try to be kind and flexible with the other students in class who I work with.

I don’t need to know their name to do that.

I don’t like for anyone to call me by anything else but my name.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I think that it’s maybe because I think that a nickname is making fun of me.

I want to make sure that I’m not being made fun of.

This has happened a lot in the past; I think it’s because people don’t know enough about Asperger’s to know that I’m not trying to be different.

I am just being me.

Sometimes school is a little hard because of all of the noise, crowds, and teachers tell me what to do.

Sometimes I just need a break.

Or, I think something is funny that others don’t seem to get.

Sometimes I am thinking so much in my head and I get so excited about it (ok, it’s often video games), that I just blurt it out.

I’m not trying to be rude.

It’s just who I am: Jacob.

14 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – The Way I See It

  1. It amazes me how well you know your son and how you can get into his head. Nicknames seem like such an insignificant thing. Really terms of endearment. Except to your son they are obviously not.

  2. This piece, this perspective is honest and telling. It is both empathetic and reminds us how words are heard and can hurt or heal. I’d love to see more written from this perspective. It could teach us all a lot.

  3. I don’t remember names well either. I understand! I always think I need to pay closer attention too. :0)

    I love reading your words.

  4. So much in this chapter makes me react with, yeah I feel that way too. You have are writing something quite amazing here. This: “I am just being me” connects to all of us.

  5. I love how I’m learning so much about him in such a short period of time. I keep thinking what it would feel like to do this for one of my children. It reminds me of Freaky Friday. Oh how I would love to carry their skin for the day. You know? Thanks for giving me so much to think about. Have you read Rain Reign by Ann Martin? Amazing.

  6. Jacob is his own person. Good for him. Nicknames can be cruel. I remember a girl is eighth grade calling me “Bobert”. I hated it and didn’t think too much of her either.

  7. I am so impressed by how well you know your son! It is important to call someone by the name they want to use. I had a roommate in college who always called me Ro – I just hated that, but was too shy to tell her. Thanks to Jacob for reminding me that names are a part of who we are.
    PS – I’m taking the plunge and signing up for SOL today.

  8. Names are personal. I’m sure we all have those nicknames that we dislike, but yet there are some that we enjoy because of the circumstance of how we got it. Jacob will teach us a lot this month.

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