Chapter 6 – The Way I See It

Pool Party

I was invited to a party.
It was for a girl who was in my class in fourth grade, but was not in my class in fifth grade.
She’s really happy that she’s going to be in seminar with me next year, in sixth grade.
I knew a few of the kids that were at the party.
My mom went to the party with me, but she did not swim.
I don’t know why she came to a pool party, but didn’t swim.
But I was glad that she was there.
We were swimming, but then chose to use the slip and slide.
I fell and hit my head.
It really hurt.
I couldn’t help but start to cry.
My mom helped me calm down and get back to the party.
I didn’t like the things they had there to eat.
There were vegetables and dip.
Too slimy.
There were potato chips to go with meat sandwiches.
Yum – yuck.
I ate potato chips and apple juice.
Guess it was a good thing I ate before we came to the party.
I have to do that a lot.
Most people don’t serve food that I like.
It’s too spicy, or slippery, or a vegetable.
I am better than I was, at eating.
But there’s no way that I’m eating broccoli.
I heard that it might cure autism.
I am not willing to take the chance that that was just a rumor.
After eating, we had a really fun time in the pool.
I invented a game.
I do that often.
For a while, everyone played my game.
Then they didn’t.
It was ok for a while, because I kept playing by myself.
Then it got a little boring.
I couldn’t find my friend who had invited me, so I asked my mom if we could leave.
She said I had to say thank you and goodbye.
I said this to a woman and then to my friend.
(I think the woman was her mom, but I am not sure).
That was another nice celebration at the end of fifth grade.

18 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – The Way I See It

  1. Not willing to take the chance…. Interesting. I’m not sure I understand. But I hope this is because loves who he is. The relationship you have with your son is quite stunning.

  2. I fall in love with him a little more each time. I hope your 31 days will become a book. I think it could be like Sharon Creech’s Love that Dog. More of a story in verse.

    1. That’s what I am hoping for. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m making revisions and incorporating suggestions as I get feedback. I am glad you are seeing potential!!

  3. Loved the broccoli comment!

    There is SO MUCH being said here.
    Hope this will all be put on paper and published!

  4. You are telling an amazing story and I would love to see it become a book! Thank you for sharing this and enlightening us!

  5. It is so clear that this is a story about a boy just like any other boy with his own likes, dislikes, and way of looking at the world. I am really enjoying getting to know your son.

  6. This should definitely be a book! I am drawn to it and have to read it each day (and not just because you are my friend!) I think it will help others get a glimpse into what it means to be autistic. Favorite lines today:
    There were vegetables and dip.
    Too slimy.
    There were potato chips to go with meat sandwiches.
    Yum – yuck.
    I ate potato chips and apple juice.

  7. Loved the line about not being willing to take a chance on the broccoli rumor. Made me chuckle.

    I thought the part about the game was interesting, how he kept playing when everyone else quit. I’m not sure why, but I found that detail intriguing.

  8. I love seeing your son interact with others. It’s great that he invents a game, and other kids think it’s interesting enough to play with him. I love too, that he knows when he has had enough.

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