The Way I See It – Chapter 8

Each summer, I get to go to two camps.

Two summers ago, I got to go to a math camp and a K’nex camp.

Last summer, I went to Lego camp and cartooning camp.

I created a whole book of cartoons.

I learned about Charles Schultz.

He created the Peanuts cartoons.

My mom got me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes books.

I think they are extremely funny.

The first camp I went to this summer was a robotics camp.

One of my friends, Johnny, from fifth grade, who was in seminar with me, was there.

The teacher was also a teacher I will have in the middle school.

My friend and I got to be on a team together.

We had robot challenges.

We had to make our robot drive into Sonic to get a cheeseburger and drive back out without crashing into anything.

Another time, we had to have our robot drive on a black line through cups, but not crash into cups.

At the end, we battled robots.

I would go to this camp again.

I had fun.

I went to cartooning camp again too.

This summer, I just drew more and read more comics.

It was fun.

I laughed a lot at the other students’ comics.

They laughed at mine too.

Here is a picture of one of my cartoons:


16 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 8

  1. Ha, ha.Very cool comic. Aileen, I am not familiar with your blog as this is the first time I am reading it. I am inferring that your son has Asperger’s. Mine too but he is in college now. Robotics, comics, Legos, and Calvin and Hobbes – all familar to me. Keep him writing. I am following.

  2. Your son’s clever view on the world of words comes through in that comic. Those camps are such great opportunities to explore other avenues of learning.

  3. I love how you’re doing this along with your son. Is he sitting down and slicing alongside you (i.e., telling you and you’re scribing) or is he at the keyboard? Either way, it’s a pleasure to get a peek into his summer world.

    1. I am writing while he is talking. It helps me capture his personality and the way he talks. Sometimes I write ahead and have him fill in the blanks. Thankful for his memory!

  4. Cartoon Camp – now that is a brilliant way to allow kids to be creative and work their way through the issues they face. Also, best of all, to have fun!

  5. Finally got around to your blog today, Aileen. I read all the chapters. I love this glimpse into your son’s life. Have you read Rain, Reign by Ann Martin? Our book club read it, and we felt that it helped us understand Asperger’s syndrome. Keep telling his story.

  6. Cartooning camp, Knex camp, robotics– these all sound fabulous. Wondering if your son also likes graphic novels. So many good ones out there now.

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