The Way I See It – Chapter 14

Day before School Starts

The day before school starts, sixth graders get to go to the school to visit and meet some eighth grade mentors.

This is a good idea so we can get to know a little about the school before we start.

My friends say they are all so nervous about being in sixth grade.

I am just relieved that summer is almost over.

My mentor was nice.

We played games.

We had competitions.

I didn’t get too stressed out, although I sometimes feel really bad when I don’t win at a game I’m playing.

It got a little too loud some times, but I just covered my ears.

I’m much better than I was about loud noises and crowds.

The best part of the day was when I got to meet my new social skills teacher: Mr. Roy.

He was very nice and told me that he liked video games.

He told that he likes to play chess.

I like to play chess!

That is so interesting that someone I just met likes to do something I like to do.

I can’t wait to start school on Monday.

It will be good to be learning math that I don’t know again.


5 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 14

  1. The day before school starts is such a stressful/exciting day. Finding comfort in old habits is so important. What a miracle/discovery to find common ground in a first meeting. Knowing this may make other “firsts” easier.

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