The Way I See It – Chapter 18

The First Day of School

On the first day of middle school, I got to stay home longer in the morning than my brother and sister.

Their school starts about an hour before mine.

When I’m at home until it’s time to go to school, I play with my toys, draw, or read.

It’s very nice having this quiet time at home to play before school.

When I go to school early, we “spark walk.”

What that means is that we walk the perimeter of the school until the bell rings.

Then we go to our lockers.

I spark walked a little bit on the first day.

My mom wanted me to find someone to walk with.

I like conversations, but it’s kind of hard to stand around, while everyone else is walking by, to wait for someone that I know.

I also don’t mind walking by myself.

I get a lot of steps on my pedometer too.

When the bell rang, I went to my homeroom, 108.

We got our schedules and our lockers.

My locker is #171.

I opened it on the second try.

We played “get to know you” games, so we would know the new people in our classes.

Four elementary schools are now in one building.

I remember the layout of the school, which was very helpful, because I was in the purple hallway for all of fifth grade, while our elementary was under construction.

The yellow hallway was new to me though.

That’s where most of my Team 2 classes are: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

Because I take math with seventh grade, I’m the only sixth grader that has class upstairs in the upper yellow hallway.

Every sixth grader has a class in the upper orange hallway.

FCS: the Family and Consumer Science hallway.

The seventh graders have FCS in the upper red hallway – that’s where I took FCS.

My schedule works out so I take one exploratory with sixth graders and one with seventh graders.

This is so I can take seventh grade math.

Tomorrow we will start going to all of the teachers and learning about our classes.

Today, we learned about the school, our agenda book, and school rules.

The school rules are fine because they keep everyone safe.

They are the same as the rules I have had for most of my life.

My homeroom teacher, who will eventually be my Science teacher in the second semester, was very nice.

I cannot wait until school really starts.

7 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 18

  1. It sounds like he is making the adjustment just fine! I love the idea of spark walking! Seems like the moving around would do kids good!

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