The Way I See It – Chapter 20


I pack lunch.
I have always packed lunch.
I eat the same thing every day: PBJ (strawberry jelly only), applesauce (cinnamon only), an apple flavored juice box, and varying crackers (Wheat Thins, Cheez-its, Club crackers).
I used to eat Goldfish, but I think they might be for younger kids.
I can eat them at home.
The first day of lunch, an adult in the cafeteria made me take a tray.
I told her I don’t get school lunch.
She said I had to take a tray anyway.
I didn’t understand.
I didn’t take a tray when I was in elementary school or last year in this building for fifth grade.
Why did I have to take a tray when I wasn’t going to eat school lunch?
I pack a lunch from home.
She didn’t know the answer and asked me to do it anyway.
I asked my friends if they knew why.
They didn’t seem too interested in the tray.
They all had trays.
I asked the same cafeteria worker the next day why I had to take the tray.
She still didn’t give me an answer that I understood.
I am getting a little frustrated by having to take it when I don’t need it or use it.
Finally, my mom said the principal talked to her and the reason I had to take the tray was to keep the cafeteria from getting messy.
Three grades of about 900 kids each have to eat in the cafeteria each day.
This made sense.
I wish the cafeteria worker had just told me that.
I would have understood better.
I eat lunch with Mickey and some other people who I don’t know.
My mom keeps asking me who I eat lunch with.
I tell her I don’t know.
She asked if I eat with any girls.
I tell her I really don’t know.
Mickey and I talk about video games at lunch.
Sometimes we draw.
I don’t always go to lunch in the cafeteria.
Sometimes I meet with Mr. Roy.
When we have lunch together, we sometimes play chess or talk about video games.
One day, my sandwich was missing from my lunch.
I went to the office and they called my mom.
She had pretzels in her office that she brought to me.
When I went back to the cafeteria, everyone I usually sit with was gone.
I was going to sit by myself to eat, but then someone who said they knew me said I could sit them.
That was really nice.
I wish I remembered how I knew her.
One other time, I got a nosebleed at lunch.
I went to the nurse with my lunch, until my nose stopped bleeding.
The nurse let me eat my lunch there.
My mom came down to see if I was ok.
I was.
Then I went to class.
Lunch is a good time to relax and talk about things I want to talk about, instead of school stuff.

7 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 20

  1. I continue to enjoy following your posts and continued to be amazed by each one. One day, I look forward to seeing this on a bookstore’s shelves. I think that so many people will benefit from and appreciate your son’s story.

  2. It is frustrating when we ask “Why?’ and no one can give a reasonable answer. Maybe things have changed. I don’t know. It’s years since I have had lunch duty.

  3. I am so interested in how you are using this challenge to write 31 pieces from your son’s perspective. Its such a great idea. I wonder, it this process changing your relationship with your son? Are you benefitting from putting yourself in his head every day in March?

    1. It’s his birthday month, so probably appropriate. I’ve always been his advocate. I was really inspired to start after reading The Crossover. What’s been great is seeing his interest in the project.

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