The Way I See It – Chapter 22

FCS – Family and Consumer Science

One of my exploratory classes is FCS: Family and Consumer Science.

This is not a class that I am going to like.

Food usually grosses me out.

It’s slimy, like bananas, or yogurt.

I move away from people who are eating these foods.

Also, I don’t know anything about cooking, unless you count waffles in a toaster oven, or a soft pretzel in the microwave.

My teacher must have talked to Mr. Roy, because she was really understanding.

She assigned me some nice seventh grade students to work with.

I was the dishwasher for our first project: pizza.

I could handle that.

The food in the sink was a little disgusting.

My dad says this at home too.

The second thing we made was applesauce puffs.

For this project, I only had to measure ingredients.

I was good at this because I’m great at math.

I tried some of the puff because there were no ingredients in it that I didn’t like or that I didn’t like together.

It was really good.

I brought some of this home for my mom to try, I was so proud of it.

It got a little smushed, but still tasted good.

My teacher kept encouraging me to try new things.

One time, we learned about kale.

It’s the healthiest vegetable.

I don’t like many vegetables, but I thought I would try a kale chip.

It was good.

FCS class was really fun after all.

12 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 22

  1. Nice!
    It sounds as if your son has some really good teachers and helpers looking out for him. So glad they were able to gently guide him to some new experiences.
    Love the humor in “Dad says this at home, too.”

  2. Food can be a difficult adventure. I’m not a fan of slimy either. I’m surprised he went for the kale! I suppose if you make things crunchy and salty even kale is good!

  3. This is another great slice! I’m so glad that your son has such an understanding teacher. Her flexibility will enable him to enjoy this class. I also loved seeing how his thoughts about the class changed.

  4. I’m surprised he liked kale. I think it has a strange taste and texture. Thank goodness for his understanding teachers.

  5. I hate mushy food- oatmeal, tapioca, yogurt. Ick! Glad your son has a teacher that understands and appreciates him. Applesauce puffs sound terrific! I’d like to know how to make those!

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