The Way I See It – Chapter 23


I always seem to get teachers who really love to assign vocabulary.
In fourth grade, I had to look up the word, write the definition, and draw a picture for every word.
That was a lot of work.
I liked drawing the pictures though.
Sometimes I made them funny.
Last year, my teacher gave us Latin and Greek affixes and roots.
These words were hard.
Sometimes I didn’t really study.
When my mom found out that I wasn’t really studying and not doing well on quizzes, she started putting the words online, so I could play games while I learned them.
This made learning the words more fun.
I started to do better on my quizzes too.
This year, I have more Greek and Latin affixes and roots.
I have choices for how to study the words.
I can write a story with the words in them.
This is hard for me, because I am not always good at writing creatively.
I can choose to create a crossword puzzle on line.
This is a better choice.
I love puzzles and games.
I can also make a word sort.
I can choose to write the words in sentences.
This is boring.
I like putting my vocabulary words into a comic strip the best.
My mom says that this is creative writing.
She doesn’t understand.
It’s creative drawing and captioning.
This is very different from writing a story.
The best one I did was called the “Ject-plane.”



I like it when I can make my own choice on how I study vocabulary.

6 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 23

  1. I like the choices. When I was in school my choice was…write the word 10 times and use it in a sentence. Not much of a choice, was it?

  2. I love the comic strips-this is such a great idea for vocabulary study. I also love how you took the time to provide your son with the opportunity to work with his vocabulary words online when he didn’t enjoy studying the words in the “traditional” format. Thank you for sharing this:)

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