The Way I See It – Chapter 31

Chess Club

I didn’t think that I was a clubs person.

Then my mom reminded me that I did Math Olympiad last year and MATHCOUNTS this year.

They are clubs.

So maybe I am a clubs person after all.

My social skills teacher runs a chess club.

I tried it out.

There are only six to seven students who stay for chess club.

They are all nice.

There are mostly boys who attend.

During chess club, we play chess.

I don’t always win.

I usually win, unless I am playing against Mr. Roy.

I have learned that I really need to focus on my first couple of moves, or else I will be in trouble for the rest of the game.

I brought in my Island Chess game just last week.

Everyone thought it was a combination of Halo and Dungeons and Dragons.

At least that’s what I think they said.

Only Mr. Roy got to play it, because it is a really long game.

He liked it.

Chess club is a great way to spend my time after school.

12 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 31

  1. I hope that you continue these posts. After reading each day’s post, I start wondering about the next part of the story. I always anticipate each installment of this story!

  2. I enjoy playing chess although I really don’t give it the concentration it deserves. Aileen, I have really enjoyed getting to know your son and his world through these stories Thank you for sharing his world with us..

  3. I have really enjoyed these posts, Aileen. Hopefully you will be posting more on Tuesdays. You have a real knack for capturing your son’s voice!

  4. What a joy it is to come here and learn… and come here and celebrate all the wonderful things happening in your son’s life!

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