Remembering an adventure from our summer vacation

We never expected the hike to take two hours each way that gained 1500 feet in elevation. It started flat enough. There was majestic scenery and the rushing sound of the river to entertain us. That was quickly taken over by narrow switchbacks. Kieran, the almost ten year old, started first, “Do we have to go all of the way up? This seems like far enough.” We usually are not this active. I had to take quite a few breaks – it is always tough to get started again after you stop for a bit. Hikers on the way down kept saying, “You’re only about half way there.” Or, “The first falls is not it. It’s about 45 minutes further on.” We kept going, kept encouraging each other. “It’ll be so great at the top.” “Just wait until we see it.” “Howers are not quitters.” When we made it, we were proud of our little family. Our son with Asperger Syndrome complained the least. That was something new. Our daughter did not complain at all, as usual. She is our athlete. The way down was actually the worst – very painful on the knees. Less anticipation of our reward at the top. We ate Mexican for lunch, at 1:30 p.m. – also very atypical of our family who usually eats at 11:30 a.m. The kids complained more about the Mexican than they did their sore muscles and thirst. Back at the cabin, we all soaked in the hot tub, around three in the afternoon. It was glorious. Then came the naps. Snuggling after such a big accomplishment felt wonderful. Movie, popcorn, and more snuggling after we woke up later that evening. This is what we came to do – have adventures and make memories. Checked both boxes well today.

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