Slice of Life – Day 2

Today was the Read Across America celebration day in our elementary schools. I was asked to be a guest reader at one of our buildings. I donned a “Thing Mom”Dr. Seuss shirt for my reading assignment in Kindergarten. It was actually the first time that I “dressed up” in a Dr. Seuss “costume” for work. Being a former high school English teacher, I have not had many opportunities to participate in pajama days or holiday dress days. I don’t have holiday sweaters and only got my first Halloween socks a few years ago.

I read the book The Best Place to Read by Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom. The teacher graciously introduced me to the class during his morning meeting. When I came into the room, the students smiled and began joining me on the carpet. I don’t usually sit on the floor with students. I like the structure of a table and chairs. But this morning, I sat on the carpet with the students as they gathered for the read-aloud. One girl asked, “Why aren’t you sitting in the chair of honor?” I laughed and said I wanted to be close to them.

The book was funny and had great “reading opportunities” – onomatopoeia and dialogue. The students enjoyed it. They interjected with a few comments while we were reading. Afterwards, I had them talk with a partner about where the boy in the book felt was best place to read, why a mom’s (or dad’s) lap would be a wonderful place to read, and what their own favorite place to read was. We talked for just a few minutes. I thanked them for letting me visit. They gave me a “super reader salute.” It was the perfect start to a wonderful day.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 2

    1. Aileen, reading aloud to children is my favorite thing to do. I had a principal once who chastised me for reading aloud, because the students knew how to read and could do it themselves! That was many moons ago. Thank goodness for read alouds!

  1. That sounds like a wonderful start to your day!! I was invited to be a guest reader today as well, and it was so great to share a book with the little ones. Yay for little readers =)

  2. I too love the carpet — it just feels right. We were in two schools today and the energy around reading was just amazing! Kindergarten is the best!

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