Slice of Life – Day 4

What’s for dinner?

I am a closet foodie. At any given moment, I have 2-4 standing shows recording from the Food Network. If it’s your birthday, I will look for a upscale restaurant in which to dine as means of celebration.

But my family (except for my daughter) seems to hate to eat. My mom did too. She just wasn’t a cook because she didn’t enjoy food. We have a standing family joke about our first microwaved dinner (back in the 80’s) coming out looking like a moon rock. Eating out wasn’t a thing we did when I was younger. And eating out now, with my mostly hamburger-only crew is expensive. Besides, one can go out for pizza and wings only so often.

But this weekend, I will be living “my dream.” Two meals came in the mail. Tonight I will be making Spiced Chicken Souvlaki. 2016-03-04 06.41.51I’ve seriously never even heard of this dish, but cannot wait to get home to make it. It contains all of the things my family (except my daughter) will hate: herbs, spices, yogurt. I have never tasted tahini before. My mouth is already watering.

Sunday night, I will make the second meal, which I am looking forward to even more! 2016-03-04 06.41.55

This I’ve heard of. I love spinach and rice; I have never even had cardamom in my house!

I especially like that I could not get these dishes in restaurants local to me. I love that there are fresh ingredients in just the right portions in my kitchen as I write. I cherish the opportunity to expose my daughter to more diverse foods. I’m hoping to engage her Ethiopian palate and grow memories of being in the kitchen together and enjoying traveling the world with our tastebuds.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 4

  1. Wow! Can I please get an invitation to dinner at your house? I envy you, Aileen. I am a terrible cook, but I do enjoy watching cooking shows when I am home like The Chew. Your ending is very powerful – just that last sentence proves what Frank Murphy says about endings: “Made to stick! Etched in the reader’s mind!”

  2. Aileen, your post offered such a different perspective from my experience. I am surrounded by foodies and cooks, so I particularly loved how you painted the picture with this line: “I have never even had cardamom in my house!” I enjoyed the anticipatory build of your piece, and like Tara, would love to read the moment of your first bite/slice!

  3. Love your phrase: “Traveling the world with our tastebuds!” Hope you had fun preparing and eating (and some in your family joined you in the fun).

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