Slice of Life – Day 5


I am not an athlete.
I am a mathlete!
But, I am not usually picked for a team in physical education first.
I am tall, and very skinny.
I cannot do a pull-up.
I can do eleven push-ups!
My mom told me that when I was little, I was on a baseball team.
I cried when we had to run laps.
Actually, I was so slow in running laps, that when I was going out to the fence, the others were coming back already.
One time I tried to turn around and finish running at the same time as them.
My mom made me turn back and do it right.
I was very unhappy.
The best part of t-ball was drawing pictures in the infield dirt.
I didn’t play after that.
I have liked running a bit more each year.
Sometimes, when I’m bored at my sister’s softball practices and games, I run around the whole field.
This past summer I tried tennis – I liked it too.
I think I might like to go out for cross-country.
I think that running more often could be fun.
This year, I would become a real athlete.

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 5

  1. Love this! You really capture his voice and I love learning more about Liam. You have such an understanding of him, it’s like you are inside his head. I guess that comes from being a mother, although I’m not sure I could do the same with my kids.

    1. We’ve had to develop communication and relating in a different way due to the difficulties. I never thought about why I can do it. Thanks for helping me “see” why!

  2. So many ways to define an athlete — I run every day, I run marathons, but don’t define myself as an athlete or a runner. It is what I do, not who I am. He may come to realize the same thing. What we do or even love doesn’t always define us.

  3. What a wonderful poem to capture the stream of ideas going through your son’s mind. I can relate to being mathlete rather than an athlete. I love how he’s so willing to keep looking for what he might enjoy for physical activity.

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