Slice of Life – Day 9


“Mom, you might be surprised that my new best friend might be a girl.”
(Oh, sweetie. You’re in 5th grade. I’m not that surprised).
“We play tag all of the time at recess.”
(Uh, huh.)
“In fact, I’m still it. She tagged me during the concert last night.”
(Did she now.)
“We were partners during the boomwhackers song.”
(Well, who decided that?)
“We sit next to each other in class.”
(How convenient.)
“She’s so nice and a great friend.”
“That’s really great, sweetie! I’m happy for you.”
(And I am, mostly.)

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 9

  1. I love this snippet of a conversation that tells us so much. His innocence and excitement and your supportive replies and that encourage more conversation vs. less.

  2. Hearing your son’s voice and your response reminded me of similar conversations I’ve had with my children and grandchildren. Yes, more conversations will be coming. Thanks for this, Aileen.

  3. I like the structure of this too! I wish more of my students could share his attitude. Boys and girls can be friends, even in grade 5!

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