Slice of Life – Day 11

Happy Birthday to my newly minted teen!

You are 13 today!

This past year has been so full –

With clarinet, and marching band.

Chorus and chess.

Math Counts and TSA.

And who could forget cross country and track.

Programming and playing video games fill your free time.

You love geometry, and algebra the same.

Math is still your favorite class.

You are finding your voice, and how much deeper it has become.

You express your thoughts and have earned our trust.

You are a reader of fantasy, nonfiction, and realistic (but not overly emotional) fiction.

And a writer of poetry:


 Fat Cat

Leaping up to the windowsill,

The fat, fluffy cat chases the fly.

As the bright sun warms her fur.


Prancing across the dining room,

She continues to pursue her prey

As she look up and bats

like a boxer.


She won’t care if someone comes,

Because she’s determined to catch the buzzing bug

(For a snack).


Today we celebrate your kind, humble, and generous spirit.

Today we declare how proud we are of you and just how much you are loved!


9 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 11

  1. Aileen,
    Happy Birthday to your son! I love both poems. Was the second written by your son? What a great way to celebrate–with a poem!

  2. I love getting to know Liam! What a great poem. It has voice and wonderful word choice. I hope you all have a great day.

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