Slice of Life – Day 15

“Mom, do you remember the ‘Moving Book’ that my first grade friends gave me?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“I was thinking that I would call one of my friends. They put their phone numbers in that book for me to call.”

“Do you know where the book is?”

“It’s on my bookshelf, in my room.”

“Buddy, but those friends wrote that book four years ago.”

“I know. I just want to call Mason to say hi.”

“Buddy…. Some kids might not remember things the same way that you do. I’m worried that Mason might not remember you from 1st grade.

Do you want to call one of your friends from your 5th grade class? I can look up their phone number. That would be nice, right?”

“Mom, I see them every day. I was really missing my friends from my old school. I had a lot of friends there. It’s not like it is here, where no one likes what I like and people call me a girl because I am friends with girls.”

“I know, Buddy. But I think we can find a good way to make you feel better. I’m not sure that calling one of your first grade friends will help if they don’t remember….”

“Can we read Harry Potter together?”

“Yes. Absolutely. That’s a great idea. Then we can play a game or watch one of your shows together.”

“Thanks, Mom. That should help a little.”

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 15

  1. Oh, Aileen. This is such a touching story – I started to feel tears come! How great that you knew just what to ask and your son had an answer – reading together, Precious time between a mom and her son!

  2. It is so hard to go back at any age because things are never the way we remember them to be. Glad you were able to steer in a new direction. Here’s hoping new friends with similar interests are found.

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