Slice of Life – Day 18

Recently I’ve been “bombarded” in a good way, with messages about forgiveness. So I thought I would reflect on it a bit.
Forgiveness is healing.
Forgiveness is not about saying what happened was ok.
Forgiveness is about self.
Forgiveness is not always for the other person.
Forgiveness is brave.
Forgiveness is not cowardly.
Forgiveness is moving forward.
Forgiveness is not dwelling on the past.
Forgiveness is gracious.
Forgiveness is not selfish.
Forgiveness is a lesson to teach our children.
Forgiveness cannot be forced.
Forgiveness is power.
Forgiveness is not easy to accomplish.
Forgiveness is freeing.
Forgiveness is possible with time.
Forgiveness is about trusting the Lord and knowing that you are loved.

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 18

  1. I love everything about this post. Forgiveness IS power. Forgiveness is trusting that God’s got this. Thank you for inspiring me today!

  2. I love this! Forgiveness is more important for the offended than the offender. Asking for forgiveness takes courage (if it is not coerced). Offering forgiveness also takes courage (and compassion). Thanks for a thoughtful slice!

  3. Very thoughtful, Aileen. You are right about so many of these things, especially Forgiveness is hard to accomplish. Thank you for this.
    And yes, I will see you tomorrow.

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