Slice of Life – Day 23

10 Things About Me (in no particular order)* (Part 1)

1. For one year in middle school, thanks to the encouragement of a friend who is now a music teacher, I played the harp. I was not great at it, but it is a cool thing to share about myself.

2. I studied American Studies at the University of Wyoming for my first Masters degree. That opportunity allowed me to complete an internship in Denver at the EPA, and have “rock pile” tickets for the first season of the Rockies.

3. When I was a beginning teacher, I coached three sports: tennis, volleyball, and softball. I have also coached soccer, field hockey, and basketball. I will be the assistant coach for my daughter’s U7 team starting in two weeks.

4. I am now officially a foodie who receives Blue Apron boxes every week. I have at least three shows recording from the Food Network at any given time. If there’s a special occasion, I will suggest we go out for a nice meal. Unfortunately, 3/5th of my family thing that eating “fresh” is a punishment.

5. My daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. We were going through with an adoption from the Phillipines which was not moving along well. I read the book There is No Me without You and I felt that I was being called to Ethiopia instead. It worked out perfectly and now we even sponsor a child from Ethiopia through Compassion, to share a little of our daughter’s heritage with her.

To be continued tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 23

  1. We have more in common than I realized! My son is adopted from Ethiopia. And There Is No Me Without You was hugely influential in that decision! I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done anything my life without being first influenced by a book. Hmmm… that sounds like a blog post.

  2. Wow, you’ve had an interesting life. I love learning about other people and I think it’s wonderful that you have adopted a child.

  3. Hi Aileen – I so enjoyed reading this post and learning so much about you in these five quick facts. I think I may steal this idea for one of my own slices. 🙂 It’s funny you mention Blue Apron because I’ve been thinking about subscribing. Some of my colleagues us Hello Fresh and rave about it!

  4. This is a great way to present yourself. We have several things in common- my sons, who happen to be African American were adopted at ages 7 and 9, although not from Ethiopia, and I am from Denver. I am a lousy cook, but have been thinking about signing up for Blue Apron, because I feel like we should eat better than we do. Are the meals hard to cook?

    1. Hi Carol. I love Denver! For whatever reason, possibly how clear, with visuals, the recipes make perfect sense to me. I’ve always been the “cook” who’s veggies were done 30 minutes before the meal and meat was put on the plate 10 min after. That has just not happened with Blue Apron.

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