Slice of Life – Day 26

Visiting “home”
We went “home” for two days for the holiday. We can still visit where we lived for eight years and where both boys started school because my mom still lives there. We moved four years ago and until just recently, I actively referred to where we used to live as “home.” We still have friends there, and wonderful memories. We still have doctors that we visit one to two times a year. It’s also close to Philadelphia, where I grew up.

But on this trip, I realized that it is no longer home, something about which I’m not feeling that sad. This is possibly because, professionally, where I live now has been filled with incredible opportunities and a rewarding position. Perhaps it’s because of my new friends and colleagues who I have really connected with this year. Maybe it’s due to our beautiful and comfortable home. It’s definitely owing to the fact that the kids are thriving here in a way they may not have before (in a larger district). We are also still enjoying learning about and discovering this part of PA what it has to offer.

So this time, when we crossed the Susquehanna River, I actually sighed with relief. Just a little longer until we would be home.

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 26

  1. How nice that you can now feel at home in your new location… it does take time. I am visiting our dear friends who moved to Memphis this weekend. I am glad they are starting to feel more at home here — I think they still need some time, but I am seeing them starting to make connections.

  2. It is nice when you realize that the place you are now living in has become more home than the old place. I’ve experienced that myself.

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