Slice of Life – Day 29

My Office
The best thing is that it is filled with books.
I can come here and, if I am planning,
I have everything that I have read at my fingertips.
Lesson planning or professional writing – resources are right here.
No, the best thing is that it is quiet.
There’s not much foot traffic down my end of the hallway.
I can play music, or have peace,
Depending upon what I need.
No, the best thing is that it has two huge windows
So that I can look out at what’s going on outside.
No, the best thing is that it is mine.
I have had whole rooms that I shared with colleagues.
I’ve had carts and been a teaching nomad.
I’ve had artificially lit rooms without windows.
I like this office the best.

Just a few pictures of my office. It always has some clutter or another because I don’t have another space to store things…. and I am OCD in that if something is going to be used, or needs to be remembered, to be used, I want to keep it close at hand.

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 29

  1. Great structure –it worked really well. I have really enjoyed thinking about structure during this challenge. Window is always huge for me!

  2. I love this piece – not ready to share what my office looks like in my home – maybe by SOL17! This format is interesting, engaging, and could be used by students of all ages. Was there a mentor text? If not, you just created one! Love the reasons – the books, the quiet, the windows, and finally that it belongs to you! And you have a place to call home! Delightful! Happy Tuesday, Aileen!

    1. Thanks, Lynne. Definitely not my mentor text creation. I was just posted yesterday by one of the other TWT bloggers. She wrote it about her waterbottle. I think students would love this format! A wonderful Tuesday to you too! Sorry I won’t get to see you this weekend. Soon! Love, A.

  3. I envy the window. I never had one in the spaces I occupied in the school where I taught for 20 years. But the years I didn’t have to share that space were the best. No, the best thing was the location. Hmmm…I may have to borrow this structure!

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