Slice of Life – Day 30

I was inspired to try this format after reading it was shared in another TWT post.

I’m crawling into bed, checking my calendar for tomorrow, ready to put an end to this day…

Before that, I drove down I-83, both trying to find a much needed gas station and reflecting on what I could have done differently in grad class tonight.

Before that, I facilitated learning about assessment, fluency in older students, and how high-stakes testing is not beneficial for ELs.

Before that, I called home, because I wouldn’t be able to see my kids before they went to be tonight.

Before that, I met with a group of second grade teachers to discuss how I could push in to work with students during their altered PSSA schedule.

Before that, I taught Kindergarten in a rush, because they had a Junior Achievement lesson to attend and I didn’t want them to miss it.

Before that, I met with teachers in grades K-1, 3-5 to discuss trying new things in May to personalize student learning.

Before that, I posted on Facebook and Twitter for KSRA, for Teaching Idea Tuesday, and on TWT with my Day 29 slice.

Before that, I tried to get my hair to cooperate.

Before that, I woke up too early and read, trying to calm my nerves about heading back to school after spring break and knowing that I’d be working until about 9 p.m. tonight.

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 30

  1. Before that, I tried to get my hair to cooperate.

    Love it – spit my coffee out! You had me feeling badly for you and then you brought me back to reality. Sometimes it is the things we can control that make a difference – simple because we can.

    Happy new day!

  2. Thanks for sharing the format. I might try tomorrow. If I can remember all of the before that’s of the day.

  3. Wow! You are one busy lady! Sometimes it’s a little scary to think of all we get done in one day – family, school, ourselves. It’s all important!

  4. I really like this format. I have not yet tried it. Writing backwards like this really shows us all we accomplished in a day. It is just amazing.

  5. Great format, Aileen. What we accomplish in our busy lives sometimes needs to be looked at from a backwards standpoint. You surely are busy, but I suspect you like it that way. (sometimes?)

  6. A day-in-review is an awesome thing to see! Yours was wonderfully productive, even with uncooperative hair– LOL! I would like to try this format with my students and maybe turn it into poetry. Thanks for sharing about your day in an interesting way.

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