No Mistakes

I was listening to the radio on my way to class tonight. The radio host has Asperger Syndrome. He spoke about how all of the difficulties he experienced throughout his life, due to his social awkwardness, have lead him to his job (not having to worry about facial expressions and body language) and also to doing some of the other things he does: being a spokesperson for Cure International, writing a book, and sharing his perspective on the world. His message was, God does not create mistakes. While He wants us to rely on Him, he will also allow our difficulties to shape us to be able to work with others (and allow Him to be glorified).

I always think of my son whenever someone mentions anything about autism or Aspergers. What I realized is that his difficulties have shaped him. He is a very sensitive and compassionate young man. In fact, I am also astonished when I see him ask someone if they are okay or how he speaks with a little child. Although he may not be comfortable or understand how they are feeling, he asks the right questions, softens his voice for the situation, and listens. More importantly, he finds bullying of any kind (even perceived) to be unacceptable. He is not happy when kids who support one sports team gives the fans of another team a “hard time.” Most recently, he was assigned to research and report on a “social cause.” He chose to research Cure International, partially because the radio host speaks about it. More so, he chose it because he learned that Cure offers surgeries to children overseas who have been born with cleft palate or club foot, scenarios that are easily address in American hospitals. It moved him that he could raise money to help children who would be ostracized because of their difference.

Today, I was very grateful for who he is and how he was “wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).




18 thoughts on “No Mistakes

  1. This is so beautiful. I was very moved by him poems – it is clear he is wonderfully made. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to notice how lots of kids we meet are wonderfully made.

  2. You have a wonderful son, Aileen. Most likely that is because of how he is being raised. Your other children are likely the same, but it is especially wonderful to hear of Liam’s attitude toward himself and others. It makes my heart happy.

  3. This post was an important one to share. I love your noticings about your son. They are so revealing. I particularly was struck by his research on Cure and his thoughts about helping others. You and your husband have done an incredible job as parents for all your kids. I love reading about your family and Stacey’s stories about Isabelle. They always warm my heart and also make me think!

  4. Hi, Aileen. Good to read your post. Obviously, your pride in your son is not misplaced. We need to help one another see our uniqueness and celebrate our differences. I’m sure your son will continue to fill you with pride in the way he relates to others.

  5. “God does not create mistakes” brought tears to my eyes, so true and to the point. Not only has your son’s difficulties shaped him but they have shaped you. The you for being brave and sharing with us. ~Amy

  6. I love reading about your sensitive and kind son and also how lucky it is to find your niche. Finding a job that is a good match for your personality and skill set is so important. Thanks for this beautiful post!

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