OLW: Share

In the past, I have spoken locally and written a bit about being a parent (and educator) of three children, all with different abilities and approaches to how they see the world: through Asperger Syndrome (or now just ASD), through ADHD/ODD, and through Adoption. I have always gotten positive responses about what I have written and encouragement to share more. This year, I will embark on using this platform to share about the way we have learned about the world through the eyes of our precious kids.

I am hopeful to start in the past, working to remember and share experiences and, hopefully, insights about why various things happened the way that they did. This is by no means “the answer” or “the right way” to do things. In fact, we often learned the hard way, or through trial by error. Maybe, in reflecting upon some of our history, we can help someone in their present or future. Mostly, it will just be an opportunity to record the past, as the kids are growing up too fast.


I hope that you will stop by from time to time to check in on this journey. Please leave comments about your own experiences or thoughts. I will try very hard to write every day. I will definitely be writing on Slice of Life Tuesdays and for the March challenge. I want to make sure that I write to preserve all that I have learned, and to share with those generous enough to listen.

Thank you and Happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “OLW: Share

  1. I am very much looking forward to reading your work, you being the reason I am a teacher. Much love and light in this new year and beyond.

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