A Few of Our Favorite Things

In addition to boxes, letters, and numbers, there were a few other favorite things of Liam’s that I remember from that time of his life:

Music – Tame the savage beast? Not quite, but he really did enjoy all types of music. I even made up a song that he would ask for me to sing even when he was older.

Liam, Liam you are our precious boy,

Liam, Liam, you are our pride and joy.

It is time to wake up so we can have some fun,

It is time to wake up dear so we can get things done.

I created a variation for when he had to go to sleep, which we wound up using much more often.

It is time to go to sleep so that you can get your rest,

It is time to go to sleep so that you can be your best.

He was most attracted to toys that had music. I still have an earworm for the Mario Bros song. This clip from Big Bang Theory was hysterical and reminded me of this penchant of Liam’s – I may one day share with his future girlfriend.

Books – There were a few books that Liam absolutely adored. They became extremely special to us and were a way for him to understand, a bit, humor and affection. Any books probably would have worked, but these hold a special place in our heart.

Through them we learned how to talk with others kindly, how to count (didn’t need much practice there), how to predict, and when something was funny.

We actually used another book as well:

This text gave us a way to talk about emotions – I highly recommend it. We would talk about how the food was feeling and why? It was very helpful as we started to realize that Liam had two moods: happy or sad, and nothing in between. This book helped us show him when and how to possibly add some emotions into his repertoire.

Reading also, of course, gave us a time to snuggle, laugh, and connect. To this day, he is an extremely affectionate boy. While that may have been the case anyway, I believe reading played a big role in fostering this trait. It’s why reading is and will always be one of our favorite things.

7 thoughts on “A Few of Our Favorite Things

  1. Reading a is a perfect way to spend quality time with a child. When I taught elementary, I noticed that many used running record time as a very formal meeting. While I never had to take a running record, I imagined using that time to snuggle down in a beanbag, to be on their level and on their turf. Also, How are you Peeling looks like a great book! I have written it down to add to my son’s library! I might need to read it to my middle school students 🙂

  2. Reading is just so essential for every child, isn’t it? Books were always front and center when my kids were young, especially, as pathways to understanding ourselves and communicating our feelings. So great to see Napping House was one of your favorites, too!

  3. Just like the crumbs of cookies fall off and on you so do the words of books. The beauty is the words fall into us and build compassionate human beings.
    This post is a gift to Liam for sure!

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