Liam’s Thoughts on School Breaks


From when Liam started school (including daycare/pre-school) through about two years ago, he hated all school breaks, especially summer vacation. I will talk about summer break this Friday. He hated the unstructured (aka down) time. This time to relax was boring for him; he didn’t know how to fill it on his own.

In fact, until just about a year ago, Liam would come to me on weekends and breaks saying, “I’m bored.” At first, I would rush to find something for him to do. Then, I started to tell him that being bored was okay – a part of life. I encouraged him to think on his own what he wanted to do. I had to remind him frequently, before he stopped coming to me with this “complaint.”

When he was much younger, he would share that he didn’t think teachers should have off during the summer. That was too much time away from school. He also didn’t think they should have off from school on the weekends, but summers were worse.

I shared with Liam that teachers needed time with their families and time to go on vacation. He grudgingly agreed that this was good for teachers, but that he loved school and wished he could go every day.

I also shared with him that it was good practice for him to learn how to fill his time when he didn’t have a strict schedule to follow, like in school. He did not agree with me on this one.




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