Changing our After School Plans


Although Kindergarten was going well for Liam, after school was not. Liam went to the same facility for after care that he attended when he was four and five – the one that helped him grow and gain confidence, with the teacher who really saw his light.

Sadly, the teacher in charge of after care got a tired Liam after a full day of Kindergarten, with many other kids after school. The program was not as structured, was more crowded, and just not right for Liam. We started to hear daily from the after care teacher about Liam’s behaviors and lack of flexibility.

Liam had developed a friendship with a local boy who’s mom had the opportunity to stay at home. They were both on the autism spectrum, so she had great patience and understanding. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but at some point, she offered to have Liam go to their house instead of the facility after school.

The boys had a lot in common – especially with video games. The situation was a win for us: Liam didn’t have to struggle through the after care program. It was a win for them because her son had someone to play with, which kept him both entertained and able to build social skills.

The family was a blessing to us in a difficult time. We continued the friendship well past this one year of school. The boy was Liam’s first best friend. We were extremely thankful for their availability and how they opened up their home to Liam in our time of need.

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