Just some fun things that Kieran said “back in the day” to share before the long weekend.

Something silly: “Mom, I smell a snunk. It’s pee-ooo-ie.”

The way he thought: “Today is ‘now times.’ When President Washington was alive, it was ‘president times.’ When the world was made, it was ‘dinosaur times.’ When the pilgrims discovered America, it was ‘wood times.'”

“Kieran, what will ‘now times’ be called when you grow up?”

“The good ol’ days.”

On my 40th birthday: “Mom, do you feel old?”

“Not really, buddy, why?”

“Well, you are much closer to dying now…”

“I’m not feeling too good, now.”

Last one: Me: “Kieran, what are you doing in the bathroom? You are taking forever!”

Yelling, “I’m going P-O-P.”

To himself, “Whoops, that spells ‘pop.'”

Shouting, “I’m not going pop. I’m not going pop!”

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