Adoption is a Long Road


International adoption is a long road. I learned a few things along the journey of waiting for a referral.

I learned that, despite how fastidiously you work on your paperwork, you still will find “errors” that need to be corrected and will still have to wait patiently for the process to work at its pace.

That no matter how much you want people in Harrisburg to rush the authentication of your paperwork, they will move at the pace that they normally do – your “emergency” is not theirs or really an emergency at all.

That even if you think you are a patient person, you will learn patience during this process.

That having others come along side you through this part of the journey and listen to your story is a bigger blessing than you or they realize.

That you will learn things about others’ journeys to adoption and the country; and maybe this is a good part about a long wait.

That you will feel bitter and ugly while you also celebrate as others move up the list toward referral faster than you.

That everyone has a journey and a story that is taken into account when matches with precious children are made.

That there is nothing that will prepare you for the day when you get your referral and see that beautiful face that you have been waiting years to see.

That the true waiting begins after you get your referral and know about a child that you then have to wait to meet, after you pass through more checkpoints and planning, until that day when you can finally step off a plane, in her country, and see her face to face.


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