Thinking about Kindergarten

For Kieran, pre-school was wonderful. He had a ton of friends and even some girls who tried to “assign” the boys in the class to be their “boyfriends.” He was so talkative after school about what he did and who he played with. He was having a grand ole time.


It became apparent that, while I often recommend waiting to send children to Kindergarten (especially boys), when the child’s birthday is close to the cut-off, that the decision would be a bit trickier with this guy.

I could not imagine him re-learning everything that was coming quickly to him for a second year. I worried about the behaviors he might exhibit, as he did in the past, if we kept him back for another year.

I worried that he would “lose” these friends he had made over the past two years at his pre-school, because they would move on and he would be left behind.

On the other hand, I worried that he would be the smallest in his class, which would affect his self-esteem.

I worried that he would have trouble sitting still for as long as was required in Kindergarten.

I worried that he would become easily frustrated and think of school as a place he did not like to go.

Now that he is in 6th grade, and we know what we know about him, I probably would have had him wait. Especially around 2nd grade, there was a lot of frustration (more on that later in the year). But knowing that he loves being just 2 years behind his brother, and they have gotten to have a great year together, this first year of middle school, I am glad that I sent him.

This decision is never as easy as it seems to be, for boys who’s birthdays are close to the cut off date.

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