#SOL17 – Day 1 – (Of Course) We Said Yes


The doctors at CHOP shared that Meaza had suffered from malnutrition. They shared all of the things that could “go wrong” in the future when this happens with a child at her age.

We listened, but more importantly, we prayed.

We thought: this is the child with whom we were matched; this is the child God has chosen for our family.

We have great medial resources in America. We had already learned how amazing the early intervention team could be.

This is our daughter. How could we say no?

There was really no choice after all. We knew we would say yes as soon as we saw her face.

Welcome to our family, little Meaza.

12 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 1 – (Of Course) We Said Yes

  1. Aileen, your posts always inspire me. You take on challenges in life the way others take in air to breathe-naturally and deeply. I love following your journey.

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