#SOL17 – Day 8 – Headed Home

The last day in country was quiet. We had a wonderful dinner with all of the families who had traveled to Ethiopia to adopt children. The children, young and old, enjoyed playing with each other. We said our many thank yous and good-byes to our host family and prepared to leave.


It was Christmas Eve.

We were headed home.

Because of the time change, we would be leaving at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, arriving in New York at 10 a.m. on Christmas morning.

We wouldn’t miss Christmas with the boys.

The plane ride home is not one that I would ever want to repeat.

I now have much more empathy for a parent who’s child is crying on a plane ride.

First, Meaza’s stomach was still a wreck. She was going through diapers like tissues. We had to ask for a diaper from the stewardess, who treated me like I was asking for the last bottle of penicillin on Earth.

While Meaza slept for about six hours, there were 12 to go. We received many pieces of advice from the passengers around us.

Putting a child who just came from a warm climate (it was summer in Ethiopia), into a snow suit and then a car seat…. Meaza did not appreciate such restraint.

A three hour car ride to go. The thought of seeing the boys after a week and 6,900+ miles distance was the only thing that fueled me during this last leg of the trip.

14 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 8 – Headed Home

  1. I can’t wait to hear more, Aileen. I can imagine the flight attendant, though I can’t relate to her attitude toward your request.

  2. Ah, I understand now that this is looking back. I don’t know why I would have though someone could be slicing during the middle of all this. I will never forget our trip home with our two kids. Half feral and speaking no English, they were trying to run wild in the Heathrow airport, and I was battling twin fears of people thinking I’d raised them to act like that, or people thinking I was a monster when I tried to corral them.

  3. So many things to consider when you are changing so much for a person. The courage, love and strength shines through. I am loving your story as it unfolds each day.

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