#SOL17 – Day 15 – Allergies?


We realized that some of Mea’s stomach issues were due to the bacteria that was in her stomach, that came from the water back in Ethiopia. We learned that injera, the bread of Ethiopia, a staple of most dishes, cannot be easily made in America, because of the missing bacteria from the water. So while the bacteria was an important part of their world, it was wreaking havoc in the US.


Just a few weeks after we got home, the doctor diagnosed Mea with giardia. This is not something that American children usually get. Our cat was diagnosed with it, because of drinking dirty water. Here, we learned that it was just a normal result from unfiltered water.

She started on a course of treatment right away that cured much of her tummy issues, but we still thought that she might be allergic to cow’s milk.

So off to the allergist we went. Today, actually, in my Facebook memories, was recorded how Mea had to spend half a day getting blood drawn, and being poked and prodded. My memory reminded me that she had been very patient, considering all the testing that had to be completed.

In the end, the doctor shared two interesting pieces of information. First, she told us that children who are adopted from other countries rarely have allergies like American children get. It was not common to see a lactose allergy, she shared.

Then, she explained that, due to the bacteria Mea had in her system, her stomach lining needed time to heal. After about six months, she predicted, she would be good as new, as the stomach was great at reestablishing healthy bacteria, especially in children.

And she was right! After about six months at home, we were able to give Mea any food she wanted. She’s also extremely healthy – hardly gets sick or is out of school. We were very thankful for such expertise from this doctor.

8 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 15 – Allergies?

  1. Mea is so fortunate to have such wonderful medical care available and a loving family to see that she got what she needed. I can only imagine how difficult it was for her and for you to go through some of these “growing” pains.

  2. Wow, I learned so many things from reading this post about Mea! It was so interesting, Aileen. Thanks for sharing it! So, do kids from other countries rarely get allergies or just not the same ones American kids have? It seems to me that of late, children in this country are suffering from all kinds of allergies, particularly food allergies.

    1. My understanding was less allergies to food, possibly because there’s so much less “sterilization” of products. Like when we were kids – we drank out of the garden hose and were exposed to all sorts of things dirty and slimy.

  3. Wow! That’s great that they were able to diagnosis what was going on with her, and know how to fix it. I’m so glad to hear that she’s able to eat all the yummy foods she likes now. 🙂

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