#SOL17- Day 17 – Life in Numbers

I am imitating this format, as I think its clever and fun!

  1. One daughter – whom we prayed for and waited for. My athlete and our pride and joy.
  2. Two sons who are my guys – who I fight for (and with) for their own good. I hope they always know how much I love them and am proud of them, even when they move away.
  3. Three siblings that I grew up with: two brothers and a big sister.
  4. Four days that my husband had to work night shift to clear the snow. I am glad to have him rejoin the family – we missed him.
  5. Five years that we have lived in our current house.
  6. Six years at my current job, which I am so thankful to have. I enjoy every day, because each day brings a new, exciting challenge.
  7. Seven months until my reading conference in Hershey, PA! #KSRA17
  8. Eight is my favorite number… but I’m not sure why.
  9. Nine years since my Dad passed away – I always smile when I think of him.
  10. Ten cats that I have had as pets; only one currently. I am a Leo, born in July and love cats.

Have a wonderful day!

7 thoughts on “#SOL17- Day 17 – Life in Numbers

  1. Thanks, Aileen! It’s nice to get to know you here. Thanks for the inspiration, as I will use the same format today since I’ve drawn a blank up to this point!

  2. Such a great format, Aileen. I think I will use your writing as a mentor text and try it out this Sunday. Eight is an interesting choice for a favorite number. If you turn it on its side, it becomes the symbol for infinity!

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