#SOL17 – Day 19 – We All Have Gifts

On the radio on the way to church today, the speaker shared that we each have a gift that we have been given to share with others – to be a blessing to them.

My husband’s gift is in every thing handy. He helped a colleague this week who’s car battery died. He doesn’t realize how his gifts for carpentry, painting, and automotives have helped out so many, even at church. He thinks they are just mundane skills. They are definitely not when you don’t have the ability to do them. Also, he is gifted in making crafts. Here was my Valentine’s Day gift:

While everyone will say that Liam’s gift is math and music, he uses these gifts to help others feel more comfortable with their understanding of math; he uses music to make friends and to give back to his school.

Kieran is extremely insightful and sensitive. He is a gift to me – while others in my family struggle with “social skills,” Kieran is completely tuned into me and is my fierce defender.

Mea has the gift to start each day anew. She holds no grudges, clings to no past wrongs, and makes everyone around her laugh with how full of life she is.

Each of you is a gift to me – you have guided me to be the writer that I am growing to be.

What is your gift that you share with the world?

19 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 19 – We All Have Gifts

  1. I love Angela Maiers-she always talks about how we all have a genius and it’s our duty to share it with others and the world. I love when messages can connect to our daily lives. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You have certainly been a gift to me, Aileen. Your writing and your honest sharing has lifted me some days, inspired me on others, and even made me cry at times. Thanks for being you!

  3. This is so beautiful… each person is a gift. How important to slow down and appreciate the gifts we give each other simply by being who we are. Your writing this year is a gift to all of us. Still thinking about how to wrap it up…

  4. Such a positive outlook, Aileen! You are a gift to so many with your caring ways, thoughtful consideration, and willingness to share. Remind me some time to share a manuscript I am working on for a children’s book on just this topic – discovering and embracing special talents.

  5. This is such sweet post. Sometimes I forget to acknowledge my own gifts as well as those of my family. Sometimes I just take them for granted. I have to remember to point out the gifts that my students bring to my class each day.
    Thank you for this post.

  6. Oh, I teared up! This is such a special slice, Aileen. And you are a great gift to your family and friends, to KSRA, PCTELA, the educational community at large. Your positive energy comes through in this post as well as your sweet, sincere, and loving spirit. I enjoyed reading about your family’s many gifts.

  7. We do all have our unique gifts to share with others. Your post reminds us of that, and your reflections on the gifts your family shares is so lovely to read. Happy Sunday, Aileen.

  8. Thank you for the reminder – while my “gifts” may change from day to day, I love the idea that they are indeed there, and I challenge myself to see the gifts others share with me daily, too. Thanks for this positive slice!

  9. Thank you for this post! It is a gift! Using your talents to better the world is such a wonderful idea!

  10. So often we don’t think about the skills we posses as gifts. It takes someone else to point them out and to appreciate them. You have found beautiful gifts in your family.

  11. This post was a great reminder that we each have special gifts…and that sometimes those gifts are “nothing special”. It puts a positive spin on things & can help us look at things through a different lens. Thank you for this!!

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