#SOL17 – Day 20 – Kiddie Leash (sigh)

I am embarrassed to admit that when Kieran became mobile, we lost him a few times. One time in particular was quite scary – we lost him in Cabela’s.

We were looking at the fish. Then, we were finished looking at the fish. We moved on to looking for whatever we had come to purchase. However, Kieran was not finished visiting with the fish, so he returned to that area of the store without us.

How could I lose track of him? Well, Liam was always so happy and willing to hold my hand. He would never walk off. In fact, when he would not want to leave, and I employed that trick of saying, “We are leaving, bye!” Liam would scream and run toward us.

I tried that once with Kieran. He turned the other way and ran back in the direction of whatever it was he had been doing.

In Cabela’s, I stopped “fighting” him for his hand for a few seconds and then he was gone. We ran all over the store crying out for him. Then I ran to the entrance, worried that he had been taken, hoping I would catch up with whomever had grabbed him before they left the store. Or before he left the store on his own.

My husband found him back at the fish. He literally replied to, Where were you? We were scared: “I wasn’t finished watching the fish.”

So, we became the owners of this:

download (1)

But before you judge, it allowed us to keep “track” of him, while allowing him space to explore.

There were some parents that we walked past, at say, Dutch Wonderland, that would shake their heads in disapproval at our choice. There were also those that gave a silent nod of understanding.

11 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 20 – Kiddie Leash (sigh)

  1. Neither of my kids are wanderers (they’re 3 and 5 now)), but even I have had days where that exact product has been pulled up on Amazon. Keeping your kids safe always outweighs the stares and judgments of strangers! I love how you framed this as a tool that allows him more freedom, not something that takes it away!

  2. Just loved this, Aileen. Such voice! Being lost or losing someone – child or pet or senior – is terrifying! I totally get the extra help to keep track of Kieran, but I am still giggling at the picture in my mind of the people with disapproving stares! You found a solution to your brave, young explorer problem. Good for you!

  3. You do what you have to do. I have learned the importance of not judging until you have walked in the other’s shoes. I really like the little monkey style. A monkey on his back so you don’t have a monkey on your back!

  4. I used to be one of those people who’d think “those people” who had their kids on a leash couldn’t control their own child. Then, I had a child who darted away from me and I realized it was bad parenting NOT to keep my kid safe. My mom bought one of these for Isabelle (because I couldn’t bear to buy it myself). We used it a handful of times — when we were in crowded places — and it helped us with peace of mind. She could explore, but with limits.

  5. Nodding here. Adam got lost at strausburg railroad. 3 adults…and we lost him!!

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  6. When one becomes a parent, all judgment about other parents ceases. I was such a good mother before I had children😜! Once my husband and I packed the car for a picnic at the park, and were about to pull out of the driveway when i remembered we had left the baby inside the house!

  7. I bought one for a trip to Disney when my daughter was 3. Oh my. She was not impressed! We were in the airport late at night waiting for a rental car. I had a stroller full of junk and a baby, and my 3 year old pulling on her “leash” like a caged animal. EMBARRASSING! But I really don’t know how we would have avoided it. She wanted to be with her dad and he needed her to be with me…Anyway…glad those days are over!

  8. It is so scary when they escape! I lost my youngest in Macy’s when she was 2. I let go of her hand for 2 seconds, thought she was running to my husband, but then she just wasn’t there! After 5 scary minutes, we found her giggling in the middle of a round clothes hanger. I have never judged anyone for having a physical connection with their child… I am definitely one of those who would have given you the nod and a thumbs up!!!

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