#SOL17 – Day 26 – Teach-Write-Life Balance

On Thursday night, Keystone State Reading Association held a Twitter chat with author and teacher, Jennie Brown, about how to maintain balance in one’s personal and professional life.

Sadly, I struggled mightily with this balance, especially toward writing, this weekend.

We are trying to sell our current home. Therefore, we spent the weekend cleaning our house (in anticipation of our first showing) and combing through the active listings to find our next house.

When I wasn’t cleaning or combing, I was binge watching The West Wing, which I had never watched even one episode of, until yesterday. No excuse. Just a respite from the stress we’ve embarked upon this week.

Then there was small group, church service, and softball try-outs.

But I cannot give up now. I have committed to blogging each day in the month of March. It’s the 26th day for goodness sake. I only have five more days to go.

Also, I have set a personal goal (a marathon 😉 to write every day (of the week) this whole year. It’s only the third month of said year.

So, here I am. Not eloquent, not witty, not insightful. But a writer – writing. That is going to have to suffice for tonight.

3 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 26 – Teach-Write-Life Balance

  1. The balancing act is real. Here I am trying to get my post complete and I am already off-task. But I guess commenting is writing too, right? About your marathon, I’ll cheer you on the whole way! Write away, but don’t run away! 😉

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