#SOL17 – Day 29 – Embarking Upon 2nd Grade

When we sat down to talk as a team about what Liam’s second grade year would look like, it was a very positive meeting.


The school had a policy of not sharing with anyone until the week before school who a child’s teacher would be, but Liam’s current teacher (the Assistant Superintendent’s wife and teacher of 30+ years) and his gifted education teacher assured me their recommendation was for someone who was friendly, but firm; calm and caring.

They highlighted some of Liam’s needs and many of his successes. They shared that he was really standing out in math and would be looking for ways to challenge him in this subject beyond assessing what he already knew in the unit and extending the curriculum.

His itinerant autistic support teacher shared that she would continue many things that were helping him grow socially, such as lunch bunch. There were a few goals that he had met and that were being removed.

Moreover, they were open to the idea of having Liam visit his new classroom the week before school started to look things over, acclimate his mind to the new space, and to meet his teacher in person and learn her face.

It had been a wonderful year.

3 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 29 – Embarking Upon 2nd Grade

  1. As parents we all want what is best for our kids. The teachers and support staff at Liam’s school sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing your parenting stories with us.

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