Kieran in Kindergarten


As we probably should have expected, Kieran struggled with the patience, attending, and complying demands of Kindergarten.

He had trouble sitting in his seat for extended periods of time.

He did not like to write.

He talked to his friends and didn’t complete tasks in the allotted time.

He was trying, but the distraction of a large class, and the lack of interest he had in completing some of the work, worked against him.

His teacher shared that during read alouds, he provided insightful responses.

He was a good friend to his classmates.

He would jump at the opportunity to do any job/task in the class. That was one way that he was “distracted” from his boredom – he was given something to do that required his whole body to be involved (running an errand, cleaning something, putting things away).

Nevertheless, he received a behavior chart.

He had one in preschool, before we moved him to a different preschool, because he started to say things like, “Was I a good boy today?” “Did the teacher like me today?” “Do you still love me, mom?”

I had shared that Kieran always responded to positive reinforcement. We worked to reinforce him at home. He also responded to being redirected from his distraction.

He got a count-down clock, to help him manage his time. It showed him visually how much time (color on the clock) was left. It helped him figure out how to time his activity through a task a bit better.

Thankfully, his teacher moved to giving him five blocks instead of a chart. If she had to remind him of something more than once, he would lose a block. If he had three blocks at the end of the half-day session, he earned a privilege. He usually played with the blocks, but he understood them better than the chart.

His teacher worked very hard to recognize his strengths. We did too.

Kieran started to learn that we were all just working to help be successful in school.

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