Some of Liam’s Playing Habits


This picture came up in my feed and it reminded me of things Liam liked to do around this time of his life (2nd grade).

He always made up games. Whether it was adding to existing games (like this 12-deck solitaire game) or creating new ones, he can disappear into his room for hours to play a game.

He gets disappointed when others don’t have the same level of enthusiasm for his games as he does. For example, he asked for us to play a family game of Monopoly with his three-tiered board. After about five hours, we were ready to quit. We promised to play again – to finish the game – at some point. He kept the board set up in his room, perfectly preserved for weeks, waiting for that to happen. He was upset when we never found another block of time to get back to his game. We tried to share that we weren’t having fun with such a long game, and no one was playing with Mea. His reply, “But you promised.”

When Liam was outside, from about second grade through sixth, he would make up imaginary obstacle courses. Whether we were at the pool or on a playground, Liam would mark out a “course” in his mind and ask for us to time him completing it.

He would ask Kieran to run the course too; of course, Kieran couldn’t see the course and would then be accused of cheating by cutting corners or skipping steps.

Often, I would forget what “time” Liam got. I made sure he came in a few seconds less than the time before. I would sometimes have to ask, “What was your last time?” With talking or watching the other kids, I forgot to count.

Eventually, he’d say, “Really, Mom? I went that fast?” I would confess that I’d lost track of time.

It’s a wonder Liam tolerates me as well as he does, when I don’t follow his directions well.

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