The Best of Friends, the Worst of Friends


This week, Liam has been away at a competition. The family feels different without him. The house feels a little more empty.

It reminds me of the time that Liam went with his grandmother to Alaska, to visit cousins.

I worried about how he would react if he didn’t get enough to eat or the right amount of sleep. I stressed about whether he would eat what they were serving. I hoped that his cousins didn’t think he was too “weird” to play with. I missed having him around.

Kieran, however, missed him more. While they fight constantly (did I share how the other week I walked into Liam’s room to find Kieran on top of Liam? Picture a boy almost 5′ and about 70 pounds sitting on top of a young man, 5’8″ at 105 pounds), they are also each other’s best friend.

They play together constantly. They have many of the same interests and talents. They talk the same “language”; they get each other.

The week that Liam was away, Kieran wandered aimlessly around the house. He slept in our bed each night. He didn’t eat as much, or talk as much. When the phone rang, he was the first to pick it up, saying, “Liam?” to whomever was on the line.

Their reunion (as I imagine it will be on Saturday), was sweet. Kieran had been planning all week what they would play and what he had to say to Liam. He had been bottling all of that thought and energy to share with his brother.

At the same time, Liam just needed some time to rest from his “vacation.” This week will be worse: he has been up until 11 and 12 at night for the past two nights with one more night to go.

Then the fighting will ensue: “He doesn’t want to play with me.”

“Kieran, can you please get out of my room?”

Everything back to normal.

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