Why International Adoption?


I was once asked by my biological father, why didn’t we want adopt one of the needy children right here in America? I didn’t have an answer formulated at the time. But there were many reasons.

We started out not feeling comfortable with open adoption, which is possible in America. We are a quiet family and possibly not one that would be open to blending well with another.

We already had two children biologically. With some agencies, we would not be able to adopt a baby. While we didn’t want to adopt an infant, we also didn’t want the child to be too old.

Once we determined international, we had actually chosen a different country due to Mike having family from that country. In this, we were trying to keep a cultural connection for the child.

When we found out that we could not adopt from this country, we felt led to adopt from Ethiopia because of a book that I was reading about orphans in that country. The book, There is No Me Without You, was extremely compelling.

While the conditions that children in poverty in America face are horrible, someone at church once talked about poverty in a country like Haiti. There is no comparison to third world poverty and what life could be like for a female child in one of these countries.

Ultimately, our hearts said, Ethiopia. No other explanation was needed.

4 thoughts on “Why International Adoption?

  1. That is a typical question…why not America. I looked into domestically adopting a child, and it never led me to the peace I feel about adopting in China. I would have loved to consider the country you adopted from, but it wasn’t offered in my circumstances. Best of luck to you!

    1. I am writing retrospectively- our daughter has been with us for 8 years. At the time we would not have qualified for an adoption from China. The Ethiopian program is no longer open, at least from my understanding. There’s a country and path that’s perfect for every family :). Thank you for taking the time to read!

  2. I am reading this because of your post today on the first day of school She is absolutely beautiful, as is your family. Thank you for sharing this experience.

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