In the Morning

christmas2011 (2)

Liam gets breakfast, then a snack in the morning.

Mea will talk with Kieran, which distracts him from eating, in the morning.

Kieran will go to get dressed and get lost in his room in the morning.

I will usually find Kieran reading instead of getting dressed, in the morning.

There’s usually a point at which I am raising my voice in the morning.

I don’t get out the door to work without uttering the word, “Kieran,” or the command, “Let’s go,” at least 25 times, in the morning.

Mea never knows what to wear in the morning.

Kieran has to be reminded to brush his teeth in the morning.

Hair sometimes wet, maybe make-up, and a chance of jewelry worn, in the morning.

We usually forget something we need for school and have to run back to the house, in the morning.

Liam waits patiently for all of us to be ready to leave for school, in the morning.



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