Making the Most of Memory


During third grade year, we realized that while not like Sheldon Cooper, Liam does have a strong memory for academic information, which he was encouraged to see as a strength.

It’s important to recognize strengths, while boosting the areas of need, so that a student feels capable in some areas of their school and home life.

Memory has allowed Liam to find success in math – he’s good at math facts and remembers how to do a new math problem after just one time of seeing it done.

In third grade, he also learned Spanish. The teacher, being from outside the district, was impressed with his memory for vocabulary. In language arts, memory has helped Liam stand out in vocabulary and grammar skills.

So, while he struggled to pronounce the words in Spanish, he could remember what words meant and enjoyed the class.

To this day, in Technology Student Association (TSA) events for example, he does better on the ones that require memory. This year, he placed first in Tech Bowl Written (knowing information about technology). Last year, he placed tenth in Tech Bowl, in the nation, after only studying for about a month (we found online resources such as Quizlet to help him study).

Having this strength has helped him shine amidst other areas of need.

But please don’t ask him where he put his socks. He won’t remember that at all.

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