Two Precious Goodbye Books


When Liam and Kieran left their elementary school toward the end of third and first grades, each class made a good-bye book for each boy.

It was filled with a page from each classmate, sharing about their friendship and how the boys would be missed.

It was an incredibly sweet token for each of the teachers to make. I had never seen anything like it before.

Liam smiled as he read through each page of his book. Then he put the book in his memory box. Liam would enter his new school with a fresh start – and make friends he still has to this day.

Kieran read the book each day, throughout the rest of the school year. He cried each day too. He asked if he could call the friends who had left their phone number on their page. He wrote letters to the friends that shared their addresses. He clung to the book – to remember his friends as he started a new school. Kieran has still not made a best friend like the one he left behind.

We “found” these books in the boys’ memory boxes just the other day. We are moving again (same district), and need to “downsize” our belongings a bit.

Liam smiled as he read through the book and quickly put it back in his box. Kieran secreted his away to his room. He still cherishes those first, fast, and furious friendships from first grade.

I will find a time in a few days to put the book back, to help him focus on today.

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