A Read Aloud in a Time of Need


Kieran was upset those first few weeks in his new home and school. I brought him out a little early so I wouldn’t be living in our new home alone. Liam (with my husband and Mea) waited until PSSAs (state tests) were finished. As a first grader, Kieran didn’t take them.

One night, Kieran was talking about the things he was missing about first grade at his old school. In a quiet voice he shared, “Mom, I never got to finish hearing the book we were reading aloud in class. Could we get it and finish it?”

It was Cynthia Rylant’s Gooseberry Park.

I ordered it right away.

We pass the time until we would be a whole family again reading a chapter each night. We looked forward to what would happen next in the book.

It was a healing ritual that brought a bit of closure to what Kieran was going through.

It helped him feel connected to the friends he left behind.

It made his new home feel more comfortable.

7 thoughts on “A Read Aloud in a Time of Need

  1. What a great story about the power of the read aloud, Aileen. How great for you to connect Kieran with his classmates by finishing the read aloud his teacher had been sharing! You are a wonderful parent! I do not know how you juggle everything and think of everything and do everything you do so well….you continue to amaze me!

  2. The power of books is a strong one. Such treasured moment you will always share with Kieran. I enjoy reading your posts everyday. You are creating a wonderful collection here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy rereading in the years to come.

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