First Play – Planets


Before Liam left his first school, he was in his first school play.

I was nervous that he would forget where to move or his line.

It turns out that his memory works in his favor for remembering everything from his and other people’s lines to the positions of himself all of the other kids in the play.

The play was about the planets.

He was the sun.

He smiled the whole time he was on stage. He might have been told that he had to smile, but he was also happy.

He remembered his line and all of the songs: “The planets, the planets, we’re talking about the planets…”

Every time a song mentioned the word “sun,” he held his huge prop up a little higher for just a few second. Afterward, he shared that it was heavy and his arms were tired.

But he never missed a cue and didn’t drop his prop.

In that moment, on stage, we could not tell that he was different from any of his classmates.

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