How Much This Boy Loves Math


Liam is known as the second grader who kissed his math book.

He was the second grade math tutor for first graders.

For Christmas, he asked for a white board in his room to work out math calculations.


In third grade, after Liam took the state’s standardized test in math, he told me, “I miss the Math PSSA.”

Then there’s a headline from this year:

Competition shows ‘it’s OK to love math’

I have never had to ask Liam to do his math homework and he willingly helps his siblings with their math when they don’t understand it.

This kid makes no excuses for his love for math.

But during the summer, we stretch him in computer programming, chess, science, and engineering, instead of math – so that he has breadth as well as depth.

He is our well-rounded boy.

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